About Us

Welcome 👋

We’re just another cheesy, Instagram couple traveling the world while trying to make a living at the same time.

Robert James works as a software engineer with a focus on performance and engineering for the mobile, and web. Courtney Hood is a freelance, video editor. We met while staying in the same Airbnb while working remotely in Austin, TX and have been falling in love, traveling the world and learning to harness the power of remote work ever since.

To learn more about what we do for our day jobs, visit www.robertgabriel.ninja and www.courtneymakesvideo.com.

Courtney and Robert James

Q & A

Where is my cute accent from?

Robert James is from Ireland, So it’s pretty cute if you have a thing for the Irish. Courtney is a Cali girl and her accent is from there.

Which country is our favorite?

We loved Budapest!!! Also Ireland, France and America are amazing too.

Who’s behind all these stunning photos and videos?

All credit goes to Courtney. We will have a blog post on the camera and tools soon.

The craziest thing I’ve eaten during my travels?

For Robert James, it has to be donkey. For Courtney is has to be some sort of beetle, she’s not sure what kind.

How do we afford to travel so much?

Robert James works as a software engineer and Courtney works as a video editor. We save money and are able to work remotely. It’s a matter of looking for cheap flights and affordable Airbnbs.


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