Travel tip: Solving" This page must have taken flight."

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Recently I was trying to book a flight thought American airways with miles. So that Courtney could fly out to me in Ireland for two weeks while I got surgery.

Cause of flying from Little Rock to Ireland it made sense to use our miles.

Well, I found a great deal of 45,000 miles + 124 dollars returns from Little Rock, Arkansas to Dublin Ireland.

When I went to book and pay for the flight though miles I was getting the dreaded "This page must have taken flight." message. I tried this a few times. I even went and tried to book the flight without the miles and it allowed me. There must be some issue or trick the airlines are doing to stop me from getting such a cheap flight. This was unfair though.

I checked Twitter and saw several messages with people giving out about this issue, so I wasn't alone.

How to fix this issue

So I went and took screenshots and ran up support. After a quick ten minture weight I got into a lovely woman called Sarah. I told her I was trying to Book a flight at this time and date to Dublin from Little rock and said I can see the price though miles but couldn't pay for it and was getting that issue of "This page must have taken flight.".

She said they are aware of this issue so she was able to hold the ticket for that price and I could pay for it at 124 dollars + miles. So if your reading this and getting the same issue call support and ask for sales and explain the issue and most importantly have the exact dates, price and flight details already. The website is awful but the sales, customer support people are wonderful.


  • Have all your details about the flight you're trying to book ready.
  • Prices, Dates, times
  • Call amercian airlines support.
  • Tell them the issue.

Happy flying